The Doctor
Alexander Skarsgard
Alexander Skarsgard as Able Tithonus
Name: Able Tithonus
Birthdate: 01/27/1960
Faction: X-Men
Codename: The Doctor
Position: Mercenary/Unlicensed Physician
Hometown: Hanover, Germany
Partner(s): NA Height: 6'4"
Father: Engel Stanislav Weight: 185 lbs.
Mother: NA Hair Color: Blond
Siblings: Baker Tithonus Eye Color: Blue
Children: NA



IC Events


  • Endocrine Enhancements: When Able is injured, his endocrine system immediately starts pumping out massive amounts of leptin to boost his metabolism while modified platelets increase clotting speed. During this time he will eat ravenously, drink large quantities of water, and he requires a great deal of rest. Cuts, scrapes, and bruises will fully heal in a day or two. Broken bones and large lacerations take several days to mend, possibly longer depending on the severity. More extreme injuries can still be healed at an increased rate, but the closer Able is to death, the more the rate of return diminishes.
  • Enhanced Nervous System: Most of Able's spinal cord and nerve fibers have been enhanced, leading to a higher level of sensitivity and responsiveness. Pairing these with an overstimulated adrenal gland has also magnified his speed and reaction time. Given the opportunity, he could catch a professional fastball pitch, deflect some muscle-powered projectiles, run at sustained speeds comparable to a dirt bike, or beat nearly any "normal" person in an old-fashioned quickdraw competition. Side effects include occasional post-combat shakes and increased appetites (both physical and chemical).
  • Increased Tissue Density: Able's skeletal structure and musculature have been enhanced through the injection of bone calcifiers, steroids, and polymer threading. His bones are less prone to splintering or radial fractures, making breaks infrequent and easier to set. His cartilaginous tissues are extremely compact and pliant, making them especially resistant to blunt trauma. His augmented musculature gives him the ability to bend steel bars, crush bricks or lift up to 700 lbs. without difficulty. Reinforced lung tissue and optimized red blood cells store and transport oxygen with greater efficiency, providing stamina comparable to that of an experienced marathon runner.
  • It's also worth noting that while these enhancements make him slightly harder to kill due to internal durability and redundancies, his skin possesses no particular resistance to blades, firearms, or any other cutting/impaling weapon.
  • Unique Mind: Saying that Able is a sentient computer program that resides in a living body is oversimplifying the issue, but not by much. In addition to organic brain matter, he has something akin to a hard drive in his head. This combination was designed to mimic the human brain fairly accurately, and it does. He's able to learn and grow, though there is a theoretical limit to how much data he can store.
  • His one-of-a-kind construction provides some benefits and drawbacks. Able is partly resistant (but not immune) to telepathic detection or intrusion due to the foreign nature of his neural structure and thought processes. His data storage unit can be directly accessed, though this generally requires that he be restrained or incapacitated.



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