Erendira Ibarra
Erendira Ibarra as Anya Sofia Corazon
Name: Anya Sofia Corazon
Birthdate: 04/20/1944
Faction: None
Codename: Spider-Girl
Position: Student, NYU / Webslinger
Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico
Partner(s): None Height: 5'3"
Father: Gilberto Corazon (deceased) Weight: 115 lbs (123 lbs with carapace)
Mother: Sofia Corazon (deceased) Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: NA Eye Color: Brown
Children: NA


Gilberto and Sofia Corazon gave birth to Anya in Mexico City, where he worked as an investigative journalist. It was dangerous work, and after exposing a drug trafficking operation, his wife Sofia was murdered, prompting him to flee with Anya to the United States. Anya was only two at the time.

The pair landed in New York, where a handful of Sofia's family had emigrated in years prior. The extended family helped Gilberto to settle in and looked after Anya while her father worked freelance as a journalist in the Big Apple. Unfortunately, the cartel refused to let this go, and five years later, they hunted down and killed Gilberto in his sleep.

Anya was ordered by the state to live with her maternal grandparents, where she was raised in Brooklyn. She grew to become an accomplished student and talented gymnast, but it was tough being an immigrant girl in the '50's. In her teenage years, she began to understand racial and gender injustices, which, paired with her hot temper, got her into shouting matches with teachers and faculty. Other students began to pick on her, and she ended up getting into some fights in high school.

During one such fight, she and a handful of white girls planned to meet after dark in a playground by the Brooklyn bridge for a throw down. Instead, Anya found a group of people attacking a stranger; a black man. Fueled by feelings of injustice, she stepped in to defend the man, and took a blow that nearly killed her. The man took advantage of the opening to dispatch the attackers, who were in fact members of the Sisterhood of the Wasp.

As it turned out, the man, named Miguel, was a Sorcerer of the Spider Society, a secret society dating back thousands of years. These people worshipped totemic spider gods and had studied the mystic arts for generations. Miguel turned his sorcery on Anya, using it to heal her from her mortal wounds, but the magic was an overshoot. Miguel was tired and weak, unable to focus, and his sorcery mutated Anya's genome with spider-like abilities.

Confused by her sudden change, Anya ran way from home to join the Spider Society with Miguel, where she was trained as one of their Hunters. Still, she worried about her family, her friends; she began to wrestle with her choices and felt that she had made a mistake by running away from home.

The Spider Society agreed to part ways with Anya, and used their influence to help her gain enrollment with NYU, even though she hasn't completely finished High School. Turmoil in the '60's paired with the emergence of masked vigilante superheroes prompted her to begin fashioning a costume and a secret identity… as Spider-Girl.

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  • Spider-Physique: Anya's mutated body provides enhanced strength, speed and stamina. Currently she can lift around ten tons. Her throwing distance varies based on the weight of an object. She can run at speeds in excess of thirty mph, but tires faster if she runs too hard for too long. However, lighter exertion allows her to endure far more than the average human, due to her body producing fewer toxins during normal strenuous activity.
  • Spider-Flexes: Anya possesses enhanced reflexes and agility. This is because her tendons and joints have mutated like that of a human spider, allowing her to contort and bend in ways that shouldn't be possible. Similarly, her reflexes are far from human, by a multiplier of approximately ten.
  • Organic Webbing: On her wrists, Anya's mutated body has formed spinnerets and glands that produce highly adhesive silk webbing. The central spigot is surrounded by ancillary spigots, allowing her to shoot webs of varying length and configuration. The webbing is incredibly durable and strong, but it can be cut by a particularly sharp blade.
  • Sticky Fingers: Anya's fingers, toes and knees have thousands of tiny, super-strong hairs that allow her to cling to any solid surface, regardless of her orientation to the ground.
  • Toughness: Anya's flesh is tougher than normal, allowing her to endure quite a bit of physical suffering. Her hyper-metabolism allows her to heal at roughly three times the speed of a normal human, but she constantly needs to replenish herself. In other words, she eats and drinks. A lot. Toxins have a reduced effect on her by about one half the normal effect.
  • Shadows: Given enough shadow, Anya can practically make herself invisible to anyone who lacks telepathy or enhanced senses.



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