The Thing
David Harbour
David Harbour as Benjamin Grimm
Name: Benjamin Grimm
Birthdate: 08/29/1930
Faction: Fantastic 4
Codename: The Thing
Position: Clobberer
Hometown: New York City
Partner(s): None Height: 6'8"
Father: Dead Weight: 1247 lbs
Mother: Dead Hair Color: N/A (formerly brown)
Siblings: None Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


Ben Grimm grew up on Yancy Street, one of the toughest neighborhoods in New York. As a kid, he ran wild in the streets, the child of a single mother, his old man croaking before he hit three. He got in plenty of scraps and trouble, but had a good heart underneath. When he got old enough, he joined the Navy and ended up to have a knack for flying. He flew missions in the Korean War and used the money he made to pay for college when he got back. There, he met an egghead kid who became his best friend, this supergenius guy who needed someone with some sense to keep him in line. When he needed someone to fly his experimental spaceship, Ben Grimm was the only man he could call.

The mission went south and the crew were exposed to mutagenic cosmic rays. Ben found himself transformed into a monstrous, rocky being of immense power, with an ugly mug to boot. Horrified, he desperately hoped to find a way to return to his human form. In the meantime, he'll use his muscle and his might alongside his friends to fight evil and keep the world safe.

IC Events


  • Monstrous Form: Exposure to mutagenic cosmic rays transformed Ben Grimm's physiology radically. His body now seems to be made of a stonelike material of incredible physical density, making him impervious to most conventional harm. He could let a stick of dynamite blow up in his hand and suffer no damage. Bullets have no hope of piercing his hide. He could take a speeding truck broadsiding him and might not even lose his footing. He has an incredible center of gravity and can set himself to make him very hard to move. He can hold his breath for nearly twenty minutes and can be physically active for twelve hours without growing fatigued.
  • Strength: The Thing is one of the strongest living beings on Earth. He can easily bend steel or punch through a brick wall. He can send a crack the length of a block of city street with a single blow, shattering pavement. On average, he can usually lift/press around 90 tons, but can go around 100 if he pushes himself to his absolute limits (although the strain would begin to wear on him quickly).



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