Hunter Parrish
Hunter Parrish as Robert Drake
Name: Robert Drake
Birthdate: 07/04/1944
Faction: X-men
Codename: Iceman
Position: Cool Guy
Hometown: Long Island, New York
Partner(s): NA Height: 5'10"
Father: Disappointed Weight: 157 lbs
Mother: Hopeful Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: Nope Eye Color: Blue
Children: No way


Bobby's life isn't that complicated. He grew up on Long Island, half-Jewish and half-Catholic so he had plenty of guilt to go around. He was smart, but not too smart, athletic but not too athletic, handsome but not too handsome. He seemed to be headed for a nice if unremarkable life when his powers manifested as a teenager. His parents tried to understand, although they were also frightened. Eventually, Bobby found his way to Xavier's Institute and there trained in the use of his powers and finished his secondary education.

Since graduating from Xavier's, Bobby's been bouncing around here and there from job to job. He's been reckoning with both his powers and his burgeoning sexuality and trying to make his way at least a little bit on his own out in the world. Inevitably, when the seas get rough, he tends to head back to the X-men, but, for now, a cheap walk-up in Mutant Town and a lot of street hot dogs are the order of the day.

IC Events


  • Cryokinesis: Iceman's primary power is the ability to manipulate cold, snow, ice and generally reduce temperatures to levels far below freezing. He can generate cold for an area around thirty yards in any given direction and project that cold forward up to a 100 yards. Using his powers, he can create ice constructs by freezing the ambient moisture in the air, allowing him to build objects, weapons, slides, shields and other items. Because of the intensity of the cold he can create, these items can be extremely dense, almost as strong as steel if he layers it thickly enough. He cannot quite reach absolute zero and cease all movement of molecules, but he's come pretty close at the edge of his capabilities, although he can't manage it for more than a few seconds.
  • Ice-Form: Bobby at first covered himself with ice armor as part of his abilities, but has become advanced enough that he can actually convert his body into a form of sentient, organic ice. In this form, he is transluscent and crystaline. He can reshape and redesign his body by manipulating his own ice, giving himself spikes or armor, growing larger or perhaps blending into snowy surroundings. While he can be shattered in this form temporarily, he retains control of the individual water molecules that make up his being and can reform himself from the shards (which doesn't mean it doesn't hurt). He can maintain himself in his ice form for about five hours before he becomes fatigued and needs to spend at least an hour in his human body.
  • Hydrokinesis: To a certain degree, Bobby can control water in any form. He often vastly increases the humidity and moisture in the air around him in order to create the ice he uses. He can also, in his organic ice form, merge with a normal body of water, melting away and re-emerging in iceform anywhere else within that body (although he can't go more than a mile or two in the ocean due to the saline content).



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