The Incredible Hulk
{$actor} as David Bruce Banner
Name: David Bruce Banner
Birthdate: 12/06/1940
Faction: Superhero Team
Codename: The Incredible Hulk
Position: Position/Job Title/Rank
Hometown: Hometown
Partner(s): NA Height: {$height}
Father: NA Weight: {$weight}
Mother: NA Hair Color: {$haircolor}
Siblings: NA Eye Color: {$eyecolor}
Children: NA


IC Events


  • Strength- The Hulk is really, really strong, and exposure to gamma radiation has altered his cells, fortifying his body with hundreds of pounds of muscle and weight. Through some form of cellular mitosis brought on by anger, fear and adrenaline, Bruce Banner transforms into the Hulk and can lift anywhere from about one-hundred tons of weight to double that or more, depending on his rage, which influences his body. His body can withstand enormous pressure because of the constantly churning mitosis, sustained by anger-driven levels of the hormone norepenephrine used to sustain his strength.
  • Stamina- The Hulk has amazing super-stamina and endurance. His skin is very impervious to injury, able to withstand thousands of degrees of heat or explosions. Human weapons like artillery or tank shells can't penetrate his skin, though sustained attacks tire him eventually. Diseases or chemical agents have very little effect due to his superhuman metabolism. His recovery ability is amazing, able to shrug off most physical injury in a few minutes. His tissue regenerates on its own and completely heals, depending on the injury, from 1 to 5 days, which lessens depending on how angry he is. Bullets bounce off his skin and his recovery ability is amazing. He can hold his breath for minutes on end and survive harsh environments.
  • Movement- The Hulk has powerful legs. He can leap up to a height of 2-3 miles, depending on his level of anger. He can run and move swifty like any vehicle and can keep up with most military ground units like tanks, helicopters or cars for around 30 minutes.


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