Crystal Reed
Crystal Reed as Chloe Wilder
Name: Chloe Wilder
Birthdate: 10/07/1938
Faction: Inhumans
Codename: Wylde
Position: Pending
Hometown: Attilan
Partner(s): NA Height: 5'8"
Father: NA Weight: 125lbs
Mother: NA Hair Color: brown
Siblings: NA Eye Color: brown
Children: NA


Chloe can't remember her Inhuman name or what Attilan is like. A few years ago, she stumbled through a temporary rift in time/space (accidentally opened by a short-lived would-be wizard) and ended up in a hell dimension, where she fought for her life until she got really good at it. Exposure to demonic taint changed her, lending her new powers and abilities. She traveled aimlessly for what seemed like years until she found the Hellmouth in Central Park. Through that, she escaped into the real world. After taking time to get her bearings, she has gotten herself an identity (Chloe Wilder) and is trying to cobble together some sort of life for herself.

Her knives she stole from a fallen demonic soldier in Hell. Her magic mirror has been with her since she disappeared; it was a gift from a mother she can only barely remember.

IC Events

  • Meets Triton in Central Park. He takes her to Attilan.
  • Takes a position at the palace in Attilan as a gardener.
  • Assists Triton with various missions, including one to stave off a possible Kree invasion.


  • Inhuman: Chloe is Inhuman, surpassing humans in her physical traits of speed, coordination, endurance, and strength.
  • Animal Husbandry: Chloe has influence over non-human animals, from insects to birds and mammals. She can summon them by singing (i.e. within the radius of her voice), and though she can't force them to act too far outside their natures, if summoned, they will protect her. She can communicate with animals, speaking to them and interpreting their responses. The communication is limited to concepts the animal can understand.
  • Green Thumb: At Chloe's bidding, she can make plants lash out and entangle something or someone. The plant can temporarily grow to accomplish this, and the effect lasts for about fifteen minutes before the plant returns to normal. Her singing can help plants grow healthier and more robust.
  • Immunity: Chloe is immune to animal and plant borne diseases.
  • Demon Resistance: Chloe has an increased resistance to the magic and powers of demons and the undead. It's not complete immunity, but she can fight them off better than the average Inhuman.
  • Hellmouth Attunement: Chloe can sense doorways and rifts to hell dimensions.
  • One Helluva Shortcut: Chloe can take a geographical shortcut between Point A and Point B by opening a rift (that collapses after ten seconds) and traveling through a hell dimension. Travel within ten miles is instantaneous, but the further out Point B is from Point A, the longer the trip through a hell dimension. She can take up to three people with her.




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