Froy Gutierrez
Froy Gutierrez as Christopher Powell
Name: Christopher Powell
Birthdate: 02/27/1946
Faction: Avengers
Codename: Darkhawk
Position: Trainee
Hometown: Queens, NY
Partner(s): NA Height: 5'9"
Father: Michael Weight: Unknown
Mother: Grace Hair Color: Reddish Brown
Siblings: Johnathan and Jason (Twins) Eye Color: Blue
Children: NA


IC Events


  • Raptor Amulet: Chris possesses an amulet which allows him to swap places with, and inhabit, a suit of android armor called Razor which was constructed by the Shi'ar. The armor exists in Null Space, and when Chris possesses and controls it, his physical body is transported to Null Space and takes its place, remaining in stasis until he wills the exchange back. Whenever he transfers back to his human body, the armor automatically returns to stasis and repairs itself. While possessing the armor, Chris is known as the Darkhawk.
  • Darkhawk Enhanced Physical Abilities: The Darkhawk possesses superhuman strength equivalent to being able to lift up to 25 tons, speed equivalent to being able to run up to 100mph, the agility and reflexes to precisely maneuver at high speeds, and the stamina to withstand the environmental and physical strains therein for up to 24 hours.
  • Darkhawk Weaponry: The armor has the ability to summon weaponry from the stasis in Null Space where it is stored when not currently being possessed by Chris. These weapons are simply pulled through Null Space by the suit when needed and include blades, thrown weapons, and short-range blasters that utilize the same dark energy as the amulet. It also possesses talons of an extremely durable metal not unlike adamantite, and a grapple which can be launched from the arm of the suit.
  • Darkhawk Enhanced Vision: The armor can enhance vision to allow the observation of a small animal such as a mouse at approximately five miles (barring obstructions) and allows for infra-red vision which allows for the ability to see the heat radiating off of objects, revealing that which might be hidden to normal sight provided that it has a different temperature than its surrounding environment.
  • Darkhawk Flight: The suit possesses wings which can be used for flight, including aerial combat with high maneuverability and speed up to 600 miles per hour, a bit faster than a commercial airliner.
  • Darkhawk Dark Energy: The Raptor amulet that allows him to take possession of the armor contains dark energy which helps to fuel some of the power of the suit. It can also be focused and used as a weapon, creating a powerful long-range blast that can shatter through a thick concrete wall.



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