{$actor} as Eva Bell
Name: Eva Bell
Birthdate: 02/14/1939
Faction: Superhero Team
Codename: Skunk
Position: Position/Job Title/Rank
Hometown: Hometown
Partner(s): NA Height: {$height}
Father: NA Weight: {$weight}
Mother: NA Hair Color: {$haircolor}
Siblings: NA Eye Color: {$eyecolor}
Children: NA


IC Events


  • Bubble of time: Can freeze a 1 meter radius about her, so time passes faster inside the bubble than the world outside it, allowing her time to think up or take upto five actions. This bubble is fixed to the location where it was created. Once left it 'pops'.
  • Random bubbles: Little 1 meter radius for upto a block around her can suffer random speed increases, speed slowing. Duration being between 1 to six minutes dpending how stressed she is. While there is no viewable barrier there is a random chance of running through one. These powers manafest in time of stress without control and remain local to where the stress point was. They don't travel with her. This one was just a random freak out occurance for when her teeth got cold, or the world was just too stressing like exams or someone throwing a car at her.
  • Time- stop. A one action moment that freezes everyone allowing a single move. Can be directed upon another or herself. Again, the bubble is in the place where she cast it. It doesn't move with her.


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