Anthony Mackie
Anthony Mackie as MSgt. Samuel T. Wilson
Name: MSgt. Samuel T. Wilson
Birthdate: 09/23/1926
Faction: Avengers & S.H.I.E.L.D.
Codename: Falcon
Position: MSgt. Wilson, USAF
Hometown: Harlem, NY
Partner(s): NA Height: 5'10"
Father: Rv. Paul Wilson (deceased) Weight: 167#
Mother: Darlene Wilson (deceased) Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Gideon Wilson, Sarah Casper Eye Color: Brown
Children: None; (1 niece, 2 nephews)


Sam was raised in Harlem the son of a prominent minister and his wife with his sister. Surrounded by strife and racial tension a young Sam grew up rather unsurprised by the poor behavior the world had to offer. Even early in life he learned to train pigeons which he never thought would aid him later. At age 15 he informed his father that he didn't want to follow in his footsteps in what was, for him, one of the most difficult decisions in his life to make in telling him. Rather than argue his parents introduced him to persons of many faiths and books on comparative religion. This love and support he was given to learn and appreciate other people and find his path left a profound impact on him forever: Learn what you don't know and respect the people around you, and if you do not understand to learn before he judged. His father was killed a couple months later breaking up a fight in Harlem. Sam went through a period of being very angry, but in the end decided to try to be the man his father could be proud of. When he was 17 his mother was killed in a mugging. He stayed with his older sister until graduation.

World War II was just starting and Sam saw enough in Harlem and the world of society being 'broken' and hurting, and decided he wanted to fix it. It was just before his 18th birthday when he and his best friend, Riley, enlisted in the Air Force and fought to overcome many barriers in front of him to join Pararescue. He did two tours in WWII. On one operation the team he was leading was caught in an ambush, and Riley didn't survive the encounter. This still haunts him and he still carries his tags with him.

After his second tour Sam go involved with freelance projects doing testing. Instead of USAF he joined SHIELD and applied his expertise to various projects. One of these projects was a subsequent Super-serum program not unlike the Captain America project. The project was set not to make someone better, faster, stronger. This experiment was built to make someone more aware and have faster reflexes. What they got was someone who could extend thought and awareness out to something that configured thoughts in certain patterns and that something ended up being birds by freak coincidence. The bonding was excruciating, and a bird named later Redwing, kept returning to the field where they were testing and permanently bonded with him. SHIELD processed experiments on them both exploring this. It was not fun, but did prove very productive.

Due to his now natural understanding of avian flight he was selected for testing the new EXO flight suit they were developing. And lo' the Falcon was born.


  • Avian Telepathy: When you are experimented on one doesn't always get a say over the science. After being experimented on he was able to form a permanent telepathic link with Redwing, a bonded falcon, and later with every avian mind so long as they are in the same general city as he is. Having two million tiny sets of eyes linked to him can get very tiring. While tapping into them he can control them to the extent of their natural capabilities, and sense the world around them via their sensory perception.
  • Enhanced Vision: Has 8x better vision than a peek human which enables him to see small movements like mice a mile away. The same magnification ability allows him to see ridiculous details up close. Concentrating he can also natural night vision, and some ability to detect thermal inconsistencies.



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