Ebba Zingmark
Ebba Zingmark as Jean Grey
Name: Jean Grey
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: X-Men
Codename: Phoenix
Position: Phoenix
Hometown: Annadele on Hudson, NY
Partner(s): None Height: 5'7"
Father: John Grey Weight: 121lbs
Mother: Elaine Grey Hair Color: Red
Siblings: Sarah Grey-Bailey, Julia Grey, Roger Grey, Liam Grey, Eye Color: Green
Children: NA


Jean Grey was born a nice girl in a nice neighborhood, one of the products of postwar prosperity, the war a faded memory that was over by the time she started school. Everything should have seemed stable and normal except Jean never was, especially when her friend died during an accident that could have been avoided. She was bright, pretty, inquisitive, she had everything going her way. But bonding with her friend at the moment of her death left her in a catatonic state for months until her family finally put her into an institution. Then came the voices, the strange occurrences, the blackouts, they were all straight out of some sort of horror picture. The walls would rattle when she had nightmares. So many nightmares, usually of a strange bird. A bird and fire. All-consuming fire.

There were times when a moment of lucidity came over Jean, and she was allowed out of the hospital for days, sometimes weeks at a time. Once her parents thought that she was cured, she was allowed to attend high school under a normal curriculum. But after an incident at school, the details of which remain under seal for a juvenile, her parents finally gave in to pressure from school and church authorities and committed a teenaged Jean to a hospital for the mentally ill in 1957. She's been in and out since then, moments of lucidity broken by other people's thoughts, flying shards of glass and the visions, always the visions. Of the bird. Of the Phoenix. It's coming for her.

IC Events


  • Telepathy- As Jean grows into her powers, her telepathy has begun to expand. She can hear thoughts and communicate with another person, enter the minds of others and only slightly alter their thoughts and memories. This mode of power has also expanded into communication with animals and smaller beings of clear sentience, and a very, very lesser form of psychic shielding and offensive attacks.
  • Empathy- Jean has decent empathic powers that allow her to rarely control, manipulate the feelings, sensations and emotions within people and some animals. Primarily, she feels the emotions within others (PLAYER CONSENT) that often takes the place of her own.
  • Telekinesis- Jean is learning over time to use her telekinesis with precision. She can use her gift to control the movements of people (such as, if they're in flight, she can attempt to keep them from falling depending on their weight). She can create a small blast that would knock something/someone to the ground, pick up, move and carry objects with concentration. She can also levitate herself and possibly one other person, though directional flight isnt an option at this point.
  • Psychic Pyrokinesis- Being bonded with the Phoenix allows her to gain the ability to manifest psychic fire. This fire often surrounds her in the form of a phoenix or phoenix raptor, which is directly influenced by the cosmic entity. The level of this pyrokinesis is very small.



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