Jenny Sparks
{$actor} as Jennifer Sparks
Name: Jennifer Sparks
Birthdate: 01/01/1900
Faction: Superhero Team
Codename: Jenny Sparks
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Hometown: Hometown
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Father: NA Weight: {$weight}
Mother: NA Hair Color: {$haircolor}
Siblings: NA Eye Color: {$eyecolor}
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IC Events


  • Electric Absorption: Jenny is a mutant capable of absorbing large quantities of electricity. Her effective range is about 200 yards; she can draw any sources of electrical energy within that radius into herself with a thought, including from attacks directed at her. She's capable of channeling a city's worth(in 200 yard increments) of electricity through her body without harming herself, but can't store it for later usage.
  • Electrokinesis: Jenny is able to control the flow of electricity in any system she's able to get a foothold into with her absorption ability. She can stop electrical devices from working or supercharge them— which, depending on the device, might just serve to stop it from working, only with more sparks. She can also use her powers for offensive purposes by either directing bolts from their origin systems or drawing the energy into herself so that it can be fired from her body. If the weather is ripe for lightning and she's outside, she can direct bolts of it from the sky, as well.
  • Her output is directly correlated to what she's got to work with: if the only electrical system within 200 yards of her is a flashlight, she'd be hard-pressed to do much more than tase a person; in the middle of a city, however, she can channel blasts that blow through concrete, comparable to particularly potent lightning bolts. The act of manipulating electricity is inherently tiring: a fight in the middle of the city in which she's pushed to deliver multiple large scale zaps is likely to leave her exhausted, and longer spells of delivering more moderate shocks would have the same effect.
  • Electroportation: Given line of sight to an electrical device within 10 yards, Jenny can enter it by actually becoming electricity. Once in a device, she can travel through electrical systems while retaining some limited aural and visual sense of her environment. She can emerge from any other device she can reach, but can only move along whatever paths the system she's inhabiting would allow her to take. On an appropriately cloudy day, she can even become lightning by following trails of ionized air into the sky. Shifting forms and maintaining her ego while immersed in pure energy is not an easy process: once she's finished a 'port, she tends to need a few minutes before doing another one.
  • Electric Senses: Jenny is capable of passively perceiving the flow of electricity in her environment. This ability extends out to about 300 yards.
  • Spirit of the 20th Century: Jenny is the latest product of a Celestial system designed to produce protectors for the planet-scale laboratory known as Earth. Her very existence is connected to the 20th century in a way that allows her to exist for as long as it does - provided that she isn't killed first - as a perpetually young woman empowered by a key theme of the century: the force of electricity, by way of X-Gene mutation. As far as she knows, however, she's simply a mutant who hit the aging jackpot.


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