Gal Gadot
Gal Gadot as Jessica Miriam Drew
Name: Jessica Miriam Drew
Birthdate: 12/07/1939
Faction: Superhero Team
Codename: Spider-Woman
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Hometown: Hometown
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Father: NA Weight: {$weight}
Mother: NA Hair Color: {$haircolor}
Siblings: NA Eye Color: {$eyecolor}
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IC Events


  • ENHANCED PHYSIOLOGY: Jessica's altered DNA has granted her an enhanced physiology, increasing her speed to a maximum of 50 MPH, reflexes and agility to fast enough to avoid non-bullet projectiles and to at least attempt to dodge (if not necessarily fully escape) bullets, and flexibility beyond the human maximum (contortionists are jealous, but she's still made of solid materials). Even her hearing is enhanced, allowing her to note and identify sounds even through walls or at a distance of up to one hundred and fifty feet. She's strong enough to lift up to 7 tons, and can fight for several hours at peak levels before fatigue begins to set in. Her durability is enhanced enough to allow her to survive blunt force trauma such as being thrown into a wall by beings with superhuman strength, but offers no protection against sharp force.
  • WALL CRAWLING: Jessica's limbs exert an electrostatic force which allows her to climb and cling to vertical and horizontal surfaces, even while carrying additional weight up to her maximum strength.
  • VENOM BLASTS: …are not actually venomous, that's just what Jess calls them. These blasts are a projection of bio-electric energy which stuns victims rather like an electric eel. Jess can control the strength of the blast, from low enough to just cause discomfort, or high enough to kill a normal human being or stun a superhuman being. While Jess is capable of projecting them up to two hundred feet, it's easier to deliver a strong blow with physical contact.
  • GLIDE: Due to the composition of her body, Jessica is able to "fly" at a controlled glide, particularly using built-in wings in her suit. Without the assistance of the wings, it's mostly just enough to take the worst of the force from a fall.
  • PHEROMONE SECRETION: Jess is capable of secreting pheromones which can cause either fear or attraction in those within a thirty-foot radius. This is a biological response only - it is possible for anyone to resist their biology. Additionally, Jess does not have full control of this ability. While she may occasionally give in to it subconsciously, she resists using it, disliking the potential intensity of the results and the lack of control she has over them. One person may respond to attraction pheromones with mild flirting, while another is suddenly and irrevocably smitten, and another still responds negatively, disliking the feeling of attraction at all. It's a hell of a gamble, and Jess likes a sure thing.


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