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Name: Jonah Moore
Birthdate: 01/05/1947
Faction: Superhero Team
Codename: Volt
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Mother: NA Hair Color: {$haircolor}
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  • All aspects of Jonah's mutation has something to do with electrical currents, earning him the very apropos X-Man codename Volt.
  • Electrical Perception: The first sign of mutation Jonah developed and probably the one which came closest to actually driving him mad. He can see electrical currents at all times, even if they're hidden within wires behind walls. It's useful for seeing electricity he can exploit with his other powers, or simply for detecting people or threats. Too much and it gets blinding, though. That's why he wears special shades designed for him by the Institute. The lenses filter out that perception, in addition to hiding his luminescent gold irises.
  • Lightning: Jonah generates far more electricity within his body than the average human being. With much guidance and training, he's learned to discharge it in bolts which resemble lightning. It's usually one flash of a bolt and then the current stops, but the burst is plenty strong enough to stop the average person in their tracks, if not throw them back quite a distance. That's not even getting into the other miscellaneous potential consequences of being struck by lightning! He's learning to sustain the electrical current, but he hasn't yet mastered that. Every two seconds or so amplifies the intensity of the lightning and its corresponding damage. He can keep this up for thirty seconds, or roughly the equivalent of fifteen lightning bolts, a more than lethal duration. After that, he has to 'recharge' his inner voltage for five minutes. That's why he prefers to fire off only one bolt at a time, which is usually more than enough for most purposes, but emergencies sometimes do come up.
  • Electrical Manipulation: Jonah can manipulate the abundance of electricity within his body, but he finds it much easier to control existing currents. HE can touch a breaker box and blow out all sorts of things connected to it, snap his fingers to turn things off or on, and grab hold of a power cable to cut off the flow of energy where his hand grasps. Overcharging an electrical current until it blows can be a poor man's blast of lightning, too. In summary, all it really takes is focus and a gesture to guide the energy.
  • Lightning Rod: By necessity, Jonah developed the ability to absorb electricity. If he hadn't, the serious amount his own body generates would've killed him. Electricity tends to be drawn to him, his body acting like a lightning rod which takes in and either stores the charge or safely disperses the excess. Handy on missions, too. It's nice to not die when you grab a live wire or punch your hand into a power box to short it out.
  • Jumpstart: Have something which functions on electricity, but which has lost its charge? Jonah can provide a jumpstart with his own electrical supply just by touching the object in question. If it needs a constant and large supply, both hands applied will provide for about five minutes before he needs to take fifteen and recharge. As a side benefit, this also lets him electrify metal surfaces, grating, etc.
  • Shocking Limbs: Jonah's martial arts teachers have helped him tie his mutation into his combat style. He can redirect a good portion of his high internal electricity to the surfaces of his arms and legs, which makes for shocking punches and kicks. This can cause muscles to seize up, short out electronics on or within a person, or just make a solid punch that much more painful.


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