White Tiger
Wentworth Miller
Wentworth Miller as Kevin "Kasper" Cole
Name: Kevin "Kasper" Cole
Birthdate: 07/31/1936
Faction: Superhero Team
Codename: White Tiger
Position: Private Investigator
Hometown: Harlem, NY
Partner(s): None Height: 5/11"
Father: Dead Weight: 195 lbs
Mother: Alive Hair Color: Black
Siblings: None Eye Color: Brown
Children: None


Though it's difficult to tell as he's light enough to 'pass', Kevin is biracial. His father was black, tracing his roots back to Kenya, and his mother is an American Jew. Jonathan was a beat cop in Harlem who ended up in prison for drug possession when Kevin was a teen. It was no secret that corruption was rampant in the police force and Kevin was convinced his father was framed because he wouldn't play ball. He resolved them to become a cop himself and carry on his father's legacy.

As a police officer, he was under increasing pressure to accept payoffs or at least look the other way but always refused. This led to one of his superiors setting him up along with some other problem officers during an undercover operation. The backup they were supposed to have never showed and it quickly went to hell. The other officers ended up hospitalized but it was a close call for all three. Officially, their backup blew a tire. Unofficially, the message was delivered. He was the senior officer on site so it was considered his screw up, regardless of what happened or why. He knew any chance of a promotion to detective was gone unless something changed.

Vigilantes were becoming increasingly common and the Black Panther in particular caught his interest. Wearing an imitation panther costume, he started to target both drug dealers and corrupt cops, hoping to get information that could lead him to arrests and get him promoted. Instead, he got the attention of the real Black Panther who didn't approve of someone impersonating him. Strangely, the Wakandan didn't immediately insist that he stop. Instead, he was given the chance to prove that he was worthy of it.

One of the challenges pitted him against an opponent he knew he had no chance of defeating. They both knew it, in fact. But instead, he was given a choice: if he agreed to join the Panther Cult, he'd be given a synthetic version of the heart-shaped herb as the real one was reserved solely for the chosen of Bast, the Black Panther. Instead of agreeing immediately, he asked questions and then thought about it. Only once he was certain that he could truly commit to the Cult did he say yes. Which was perhaps the true challenge all along.

It was then that T'Challa let Kevin know that his paternal grandfather wasn't Kenyan but Wakandan. One of their spies out in the world, the man fell in love and had a child. Though frowned on, it does happen now and then. He was taken to Wakanda for training, not just physicaly but in the language and history of the nation as well as the that of the Panther Cult. When he was deemed ready, he was given the costume of the White Tiger and sent back to New York.


  • Synthetic Heart-shaped Herb: The real herb is reserved for the chosen of Bast: the Black Panther. The synthetic version is less holy but just as effective. They are both, for all intents and purpose, super soldier serums and bestow many abilities on those who take them:
  • Enhanced Physicality: Kevin can lift about three tons and even without his costume, he's tough and dense, making him resistant to blows. Being shot at close range would hurt but most normal ammunition wouldn't penetrate deeper than his muscles. When he is injured, he heals incredibly quickly and can regenerate even limbs, organs and nerve cells. He's immune to disease, poisons and toxins and his muscles produce no fatigue toxins which gives him almost limitless stamina. He can run at 35 mph with reflexes enhanced to a similar level, allowing him to dodge gunfire. He also has perfect balance.
  • Superhuman Senses: Kevin can see in complete darkness just as if it were noon and his eyesight is better than 20/20, extending into infrared and ultraviolet. With a moment to focus, something a hundred yards away appears to be right in front of him. His hearing extends to both above and below what's audible to a normal hearing and is sharp enough to pick up a whisper from down the street. He can track using scent better than a bloodhound, pick out each and every ingredient in a meal (including poisons), and feel the smallest vibration in the air around him making it very difficult to sneak up on him.



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