Djimon Hounsou
Djimon Hounsou as Kwabena Odame
Name: Kwabena Odame
Birthdate: 05/22/1942
Faction: X-Men
Codename: Shift
Position: Troublemaker
Hometown: K'tanka Village, Ashanti Empire (Ghana)
Partner(s): Theresa Maeve Rourke Height: {$height}
Father: Robert (Kwame) Odame Weight: {$weight}
Mother: Pearl (Akua) Odame Hair Color: black
Siblings: None Eye Color: silver
Children: None


Kwabena was born in 1942 in the Ashanti Empire, which became the Nation of Ghana in 1957. His parents were well connected members of the Ministry of War, but were ousted from their seats of influence in 1952 and forced to leave the country. After spending a year in Europe, the Odame's set sail for America.

Kwabena went through Ellis Island at eleven years of age. That same year, political infighting on the Gold Coast prompted his father to head back home, leaving Kwabena and his mother in America "for their own safety."

Kwabena's mother quickly became tied up in a bad crowd, and earned herself an addiction to dope. In 1955, at the ripe young age of 13, everything went to crap.

Late one evening, men Kwabena's mother had become involved in came to their apartment in Lower Harlem. They were drunk and high, and presumed beating her and threatening to "take from her what they wanted." Fueled by rage, Kwabena came from his room and attacked them. This is when his x-gene mutation manifested, and his fists became like pistons of pure titanium.

He left behind a bloodbath of mangled bodies and broken furniture, but also, he left behind his junkie mother. Only 13 years old, Kwabena dove into the criminal underworld of black New York. Over the course of time, he began to learn of his other mutations, and used them to gain favor and popularity within the underworld.

He never enjoyed what he did, not at his core; it was a means to an end, a way to survive in a country that viewed him as a 'less than' by default. Regardless, it left a stain on his soul.

As he grew into adulthood, Kwabena became connected with the New York mafia, where they used him as a hitman and bounty hunter. During this time, he began picking up some bad habits. He began hating who he'd become, but had also come to believe that this was the only natural course of events for a mutant negro with a junkie mother.

He's maintained contact with his father, who now holds power within one of Ghana's many political parties. However, Kwabena now finds himself at something of a crossroads. Does he continue in a life of crime, or embrace the growing civil unrest within the black community? Or, with the rise of superpowered beings, does he seek to become something greater than he'd ever imagined?

IC Events

In July of 1964, Kwabena became entangled in a fight against a mutating infection, during which he destroyed two cabs. Somehow, he managed to talk his way out of being fired. During this time period, he became acquaintances with Captain George Stacy of the NYPD, Hawkeye of the Avengers, and Jessica Jones of Alias Investigations. He helped put an end to the infection by setting an entire block of Mutant Town on fire. Effective, but fairly destructive; most of the victims-turned-werewolves were killed in the fire, which helped put a stop to the infection's spreading through blood.

Later, he became involved with a conspiracy surrounding the murder of NYPD Captain George Stacy. During this time he was also enlisted by a strange group of powered mutants involving an operation in Africa. It turned out that these were the X-Men, and after the operation, he was invited to be interviewed and eventually chose to join the group. This led him to begin a new career as a professional driver for fellow X-Man and businessman, Kaleb Miller.


  • Matter Shift: Kwabena's molecular structure can shift into different phases of matter. It is driven in both a reactive manner, and with effort, at his own control.
  • Gas Phase: Kwabena's body will instinctively transform into a gaseous state when it comes into significant physical harm. It resembles a black smoke of varying density. It does not make him immune to damage, but it almost consistently prevents mutilation or lethal injury. It is primarily reactive in nature, though he has learned to trigger the transformation with much practice. This does not work on energy attacks, which can have a number of ill effects on his mutant body.
  • Hardened Phase: Kwabena's body becomes super-dense when he feels excessive feelings of anger or aggression. The effect can be localized or cover his entire body. It has no defined upper limit genetically, but it is limited by his own capacity to endure such emotions without suffering psychological trauma. Currently he can only achieve the hardness of titanium, and with great effort. Exhaustion will revert him to his normal state.
  • Liquid Phase: Driven by chemical changes associated with fear or isolation, Kwabena can become reduced to a liquid state. He has not learned how to manupilate this ability.
  • Plasma Phase: If exposed to lethal levels of heat, radiation, or other forms of energy, Kwabena's gaseous form can ignite and become plasma. This is a rare occurence and it poses a significant risk to both Kwabena and those around him. If he is unable to tame the reaction and revert to his normal self, he can suffer a variety of ill effects, ranging from memory loss and scarring to physical deformation, malnourishment, even death.



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