Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman as Logan
Name: Logan
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: X-Men
Codename: Wolverine
Position: Unknown
Hometown: Hometown
Partner(s): NA Height: 6'0"
Father: NA Weight: 140lbs
Mother: NA Hair Color: Black
Siblings: NA Eye Color: Black
Children: NA


IC Events


  • Adamantium Skeleton- Wolverine's bones have been bonded with Adamantium, a metal largely considered unbreakable by most standards. The bonding process was extraordinarily painful, but left Logan with bones that simply do not succumb to normal pressures or damage. He can fall from an airplane without a parachute and land without breaking any bones (although his tissue will suffer significant damage from the impact - he ain't poppin' right back up). Bullets bounce off his skull and even the strength of superhumans of incredible power would be insufficient to snap an arm. His skeleton does add to his overall bodyweight and gives him a devil of a time around metal detectors.
  • Claws- Logan naturally has a set of bone claws sheathed in each of his forearms, three for each arm. Extending about two and a half feet at full extension, these claws have also bonded with the adamantium added to his skeleton, making the claws themselves as unbreakable as the rest of his bones. His claws can cut through virtually anything, savaging through vault doors or cutting the skin of even often-invulnerable superhumans, making him formidable well outside his usual weight-class.
  • Healing Factor- Wolverine possesses an incredible ability to recover from injuries in the blink of an eye. Gunshots, stabbings, burns, torn flesh, ruptured internal organs, all of them begin to repair in a matter of seconds or minutes depending on their severity. Even seemingly catastrophic injuries can restore themselves with surprising alacrity, his flesh sealing itself up again right before the naked eye. He is immune to all forms of conventional disease and can shake off most poisons without showing much in the way of effect, except perhaps momentary sickness or weakness.
  • Longevity- Wolverine ages at an extraordinarily slowed rate. While he's not truly immortal, he's getting close to 125 years old and only appears to be in his early thirties. Indications would seem that he has a very, very long life still ahead of him.
  • Physique- Wolverine's hyper-efficient metabolism keeps him in tip-top shape. His strength, agility and reflexes all exist at the very peak of human ability. His stamina is essentially superhuman and almost inexhaustible, his body constantly renewing itself, enabling him to fight for hours and hours and keep on ticking. He doesn't need to exercise or watch his diet to maintain this condition, as evidenced by the large amounts of beer, cigars and junk food that make up his lifestyle.
  • Senses- Logan's senses are far sharper than those of a normal human, beyond feral. His sense of smell is extraordinarily keen, allowing him to track and identify individuals by scent alone, marking them even in crowded cityscapes. He can detect the presence of gun oil or toxins, smell the hint of sweat on their skin and identify traces of toxins or pollutants in the air at the tiniest sampling. His sense of hearing enables him to pick up human heartbeats, anticipating when someone's lying to him, and makes him virtually impossible to take off guard or sneak past by simple stealth. His keen eyesight gives him nightvision almost as clear as lighted day and lets him pick out small details at five times the distance of a regular person.


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