Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman as Logan
Name: Logan
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Faction: Superhero Team
Codename: Wolverine
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  • Claws: One of Logan's mutations is a set of three bone claws between the knuckles of each hand. In their natural state, they rest beneath the skin and the muscles in his hands, but he has the ability to unsheathe them on demand either in unison or individually. They are a part of his anatomy and are not indestructible, but they are incredibly strong due to their girth and shape. Each about a foot long in length and about an inch thick, they can withstand a reasonable force without breaking. Covered in adamantium, they are both indestructible and able to cut through practically any material.
  • Healing Factor: Another of Logan's mutations includes his ability to heal from any wounds at an astounding rate. Cuts and gashes are able to heal within a few seconds, broken limbs can repair within an hour or so, and more serious wounds like lost limbs can be healed within a few days' time. Due to his cells regenerating at such a fast rate, Logan practically doesn't seem to age. While uncertain of his true age, he is in reality in the neighborhood of 80 years of age while appearing to be in his early thirties.
  • Endurance: Another result of his healing factor is his enhanced stamina and endurance. Logan is able to exert himself at incredibly high levels for long periods of time without tiring, due to his nerves and muscles being able to relieve any strain or stress applied to them.
  • Indomitable Will: Living for as long as Logan has and surviving as much as he has, both physically and mentally, has a lasting impact on one's psyche. He has loved and lost many times, in both the familial and romantic sense. He has also endured harsh living conditions in the Canadian wilderness and been subject to memory alterations. While he currently has no memories of his former life, the scars and the hardness of his mind remains. He isn't easily manipulated and he maintains an incredible control over his willpower, although from time to time he allows his control to slip and his more primal instincts come forward.
  • Strength: On the scale of superheroes, Logan is not excessively strong, but by normal human standards, he's able to life an impressive amount of weight. Another effect of his regeneration abilities, Logan's muscles and tendons are essentially reinforced and assist him in lifting heavy weights. If he exerts himself, he is able to lift approximately half a ton, but not for an extended period of time.
  • Heightened Senses: A combination of Logan's mutant genes as well as much of his young life have resulted in him having increased senses of hearing and smell. He is able to sift through ambient noises to focus on specific sounds if he wishes, an ability he honed as he learned to survive in the wilderness. In addition to his keen ability to track sounds, he is also able to pick up odors from a reasonable distance. It provides him the ability to track targets using their scent as well as 'see' through any attempts at disguise. His nose also makes it difficult for anyone to catch him by surprise.


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