Ashley Callingbull
Ashley Callingbull as Maya Lopez
Name: Maya Lopez
Birthdate: 05/05/1939
Faction: None
Codename: Echo
Position: Adventurer
Hometown: Unknown
Partner(s): NA Height: 5'9"
Father: Willie "Crazy Horse" Lincoln Weight: 125
Mother: Ms. Lopez (Maya does not know her first name) Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Unknown Eye Color: Brown
Children: None


What do you become, when you see your father gunned down in front of you, feel his blood on your face and find yourself raised to be a killer by the very man who murdered your own blood kin? If you're Maya Lopez, you become the only thing you can become: a survivor.

Maya Lopez was born the daughter of Willie "Crazy Horse" Lincoln, a First Nations gangster and general all around tough for one of New York City's biggest criminal masterminds. He met his unfortunate end, when he attempted to double-cross his employer. But rather than punish the young girl, he granted Willie's last wish and took the girl in to raise and care for. Upon discovering her disability, her 'adopted father' sent her off to a school which could care for her, but she soon began to exhibit an uncanny skill for mimicry and a prodigious intelligence. Seeing a unique opportunity to train someone who could become a perfect weapon, he recalled her from the boarding school he had sent her to and set about training her and testing the limits of her abilities. Not only did he feel her intellectual curiosity, but he fed her physical capabilities, crafting a weapon and honing her to a knife's edge. When she was not in normal classes, she was watching video after video, news reel after news reel, or working with the crime-lord's own stable of soldiers, assassins, and confidence men.

When Maya was finally old enough, he began to send her out with, first, a team of minders, and then on her own to accomplish missions as mundane as shaking down a local business to as specialized as assassinating an upcoming rival or vigilante crimefighter. Maya, knowing no other life than this, and wanting always to improve herself and to prove herself to the only father she had known for most of her life, was focused, laser sharp and efficient.

Until the day her world came crashing down around her, and she learned that the very man who had taken her into his home was the man who had killed Willie Lincoln. That was the day when the house of cards fell. Maya fled, to lick her wounds and to recoup her losses. To find the needed time to discover who she was…and to find a way to exact revenge on the crimelord who had been her greatest ally and was now her greatest enemy.

IC Events


  • Photographic Reflexes: Maya possesses 'photographic reflexes'. This ability allows her to mimic and learn any physical action she see. This can include anything from learning a certain style of dance, to a form of martial arts, or even how to play an instrument. Indeed, learning to play the piano simply by watching another musician was one of the first manifestations of her ability. Her quickness of mind and attention to detail allow her to acquire these skills nearly instantaneously, allowing her to even mimic an opponents moves in the midst of a fight. In this way she can skills and abilities above what she might ordinarily acquire on her own. Maya does not need to physically observe an action to acquire the skill. She has learned much of her martial arts skills, for example, by repeatedly watching videos of master martial artists at work. She has also learned such skills as marksmanship and acrobatics from watching movies and news reels. The more she practices with an acquired skill, the more she can personalize and internalize it, so that it becomes that much more difficult to identify and defend against.
  • Intellect: Maya's mind is quick and agile, and her intelligence has been remarked on and remarkable ever since she was a small child. She has an uncanny ability to observe the world, to filter it through her experiences and memories and utilize every aspect of what she sees and experiences to better herself or to add to her skillset. She is incredibly quick at making connections and piecing together puzzles, a skill which makes her an accomplished tactician and, when the need arises, a skillful covert operative. Her ability to change, adapt and extrapolate from what she already knows is part of what makes her so intellectually gifted.



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