Marvel Boy
Ryan Carnes
Ryan Carnes as Noh-Varr
Name: Noh-Varr
Birthdate: Age: 22
Faction: {$team}
Codename: Marvel Boy
Position: Ensign Captain, Sexiest Kree
Hometown: Kree-Lar
Partner(s): Not Yet Height: 5'10"
Father: Captain Glory (d) Weight: 165 lbs
Mother: Star Splendor (d) Hair Color: Platinum Blonde
Siblings: None Eye Color: Blue
Children: Definitely Not


Through events outside of Noh-Varr's control, being only an ensign in the 18th Kree Diplomatic Gestalt, the interstellar schooner the Marvel was lost in the multiverse. Trying to find their way home, the ship was shot down over Earth. An Earth. Noh-Varr was the only survivor. The villain who had attacked the ship eventually ended up dead, sating his desire for revenge enough that he decided not to declare war on humanity. Instead, with the help of the ship's AI, they repaired the Marvel as best they could. While they couldn't fix the engines, they were able to get the drive working which allowed them to traverse realities. Hoping to eventually reach his home reality, they activated the drive. In the seventeenth, or perhaps it was the eighteenth reality, the geography had changed significantly enough that the ship ended up underground and partially fused into the bedrock. Noh-Varr was stuck on Earth. Again. Still. For now.

IC Events


  • Genetically Modified Kree Physiology: Noh-Varr is an alien, one of the 'pink' Kree. He's also been genetically modified with insect DNA, primarilly but not limited to that of cockroaches, and enhanced with nanobiology. This gives him a number of abilities beyond the scope of normal humanity and even that of the Kree.
  • Super Physicality: He's strong. Very strong. He can lift about 25 tons. He's able to shrug off impacts that would leave a human unconscious and survive blows and even burns that would kill a Kree. This is, in part, to his being 'triple jointed', which also makes him an incomparable escape artist, contortionist and acrobat. As a side effect, he'll also live longer than the oldest Kree. And thanks to the insect DNA, he's able to cling to even the smoothest surfaces and scale walls or ceilings with ease. He's also really fast, able to run at 150 mph, and keep it up for many hours as his endurance is equally enhanced. And when it runs low, he can refuel on literally anything organic even if it's rotting, poisonous or otherwise unappetizing. His reflexes match or exceed his speed, allowing him to dodge bullets and even lasers. Lastly, his hearing is superior to most as his skin is capable of picking up vibrating in the same way that his eardrums are. He can hear frequencies both higher and lower than normal and pick out a whisper from a hundred feet away.
  • Super Mentality: Noh-Varr can use his mind to influence and control his body. On a more mundane level, he can accelerate his healing so that he heals at a greatly accelerated pace. This also means he's able, with the help of the nanobots in his blood, to reroute or negate stimuli so he can ignore pain entirely. Less mundance, he can grow and even harden his hair at will. By focusing on a single thing, Noh-Varr is able to enter a state he calls the 'white run'. Ignoring any distractions, he acts only to accomplish the one goal, devoting all the resources of his body toward it, exceeding his usual limitations.
  • Nanotechology: The nanobiology in Noh-Varr's body has a number of uses. First is his saliva. When in contact with a biological entity, it can cause hallucinations and gives him a certain degree of control over their actions. This is more in the nature of suggestions than true mind control or directing what they hallucinate in order to provoke responses he wants. He can concentrate the nanobots into his fingernails, making them grow and become razor sharp. These can be used as claws or broken off and left behind in a person or thing. The nails can be made to contain a poison or a sedative. Alternatively, they can be made to explode causing significant damage to nearby structures. Or bodies. Related to the explosive ability, he can fire energy blasts from his hands. It takes effort and is not very accurate so it's more a close range ability for when he doesn't have his blasters.



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