Indiana Evans
Indiana Evans as Paige Guthrie
Name: Paige Guthrie
Birthdate: 09/09/1941
Faction: X-Men
Codename: Husk
Position: Math Teacher
Hometown: Cumberland County, Kentucky
Partner(s): NA Height: 5'7"
Father: Thomas Guthrie (deceased) Weight: 128lbs.
Mother: Lucinda Guthrie Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: Belligerent and Numerous (10 siblings total)
Samuel Guthrie
Jay Guthrie
Jebediah Guthrie
Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


The oldest daughter of the Guthrie gang, Paige is number two of ten children from picturesque Cumberland County, Kentucky. As such, Paige has had to be the secondary mom, filling in when she was needed with the cooking, cleaning, sewing, and handling the chores around the farm. Growing into a young teenaged woman, her own mutant ability came at an early age, but for the longest time, she didn't even realize she had a power. As her brothers started to develop their own skills, and head out into the world, Paige was quietly jealous of the powers they displayed.

However, Paige's own power was lying just under the surface. And one day, it revealed itself when the girl was cut in an accident, and the skin beneath was a completely different material than her human skin. She discovered that she could 'husk' or shed her skin, revealing a whole different form just under the surface. Excited by the whole idea, she started practicing with a variety of materials to start to hone her ability. However, this had the unintended side-effect of triggering her secondary mutation, causing her to randomly shed her skin without knowing what's beneath, and taking on the 'personality' of the items she was trying to change into.

Realizing that she needed help to control her powers, Paige has decided to leave the family farm behind and become the latest Guthrie to travel to Westchester, to meet up with her New York transplant kin, and to become the newest student at the Academy to work with the staff to get her powers under control.

IC Events


  • Husking: Paige has the mutant ability to shed her skin and assume a new form beneath it. When Paige is under duress, these changes can be involuntary, with the form beneath her skin taking on a random attribute, but, if she can concentrate on a specific metal, formula, or element, she can take on the properties of that form. She can imitate metal, wood, diamond, stone, rubber, and even glass. This ability only lasts for 1 hour per form before she has to husk to a new form. Using this power can give her different abilities based on the form that she takes. This could include:
    • Superhuman Strength: Wood, Stone - she can lift up to 1 ton in this form.
    • Superhuman Speed: Mercury, Water - she can move up to 30 miles per hour in this form.
    • Superhuman Durability: Steel, Admantium - she can become effectively bulletproof.
    • Flame Projection: Magma Form - can spray fire in a 10 foot wide radius.
    • Impact-Absorption: Rubber, Elastic - can survive falls from great heights (nearly 20,000 feet) with a bounce.
    • Amphibious Talents: Water, Frog-Skin - can travel underwater and move effortlessly through water.
    • Claws: She can form natural claws made from the same material that she's currently using.
  • Healing: When Paige husks off her skin, she can hear minor injuries, as well as remove grime and sweat and dirt. However, for wounds deeper than two inches, it will remain, and she will require treatment for healing.



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