Tom Holland
Tom Holland as Peter Benjamin Parker
Name: Peter Benjamin Parker
Birthdate: 10/04/1944
Faction: Superhero Team
Codename: Spider-Man
Position: Position/Job Title/Rank
Hometown: Queens
Partner(s): Mary Jane Watson Height: 5'10"
Father: Richard Parker (deceased) Weight: 167
Mother: Mary Parker (deceased) Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: NA Eye Color: Brown
Children: NA


Peter Benjamin Parker was born in Queens, New York. He never got a chance to know his parents - he only knows that they were accused of treason and died in a plane crash when he was only six years old. Peter was sent to live with his aunt and uncle and was moved to Forest Hills, New York. The Parkers raised Peter as their surrogate son, having no children themselves, and Peter thrived under the attention and dedication, becoming a bright, if somewhat awkward and a social outcast. This often made him the target of bullying while he was attending Midtown High School.

When he was 15 years old, Peter attended a science exhibit, where he was bitten by a spider. He didn't realize that the spider had recently been involved in experimental radiation tests and had been fatally irradiated by a particle accelerator, that caused the venom in Peter's blood to start to combine and coagulate with Peter's DNA. He became ill that evening and retreated to his room. When he awoke the next morning, Peter had thought he had gone through the most extreme puberty ever. Suddenly his reflexes, his strength, everything had been enhanced. Testing his new abilities, he was eager to see how much he could do, and was interested in purchasing his own car. When he saw an ad for cash to stay in the ring for three minutes with a professional wrestler, Peter signed up, donning a mask to hide his identity in case he lost - he didn't want to be embarrassed. With his new skills and strength, Peter easily won the match, however.

A local TV producer, seeing Peter in action, offered him a TV contract to continue to show off. Peter designed himself a full costume from discarded dance team outfits and mirrored lenses, and created a pair of 'web-shooters'. After his first appearance on television as Spider-Man, a man had robbed the box office. Peter had the chance to stop the robber, but didn't do so, he was so focused on his new found success that he had become overconfident and thought himself above civic duty. His uncle's death a few days later would jar him back to earth, especially when he hunted down the killer and found it was the same man that he had let go a few days earlier.

Filled with remorse, Peter dropped the contract, and Spider-Man saw it his civic duty to fight crime. But with his aunt barely able to make ends meet, Peter was left also trying to find a job to fill in the gaps where his uncle's income once helped. He considered a life of crime, but realizing that being caught and exposed would break his aunt's heart, he continued on the hero's path.

After graduating Midtown, Peter took a scholarship to attend NYU and major in chemistry and biology.

He would find work when the Daily Bugle offered money for pictures of supervillians and Peter realized not only could he get pictures of the villain, but of himself in action. While it pays the bills, he grinds his teeth as most of the press from these pictures is skewed to the negative to cast Spider-Man in the light of a menace that prevents the police from doing their jobs.

But Peter and Spider-Man continue on. Peter knows he is doing what is right. It may come back to bite him some-day, but for now, the streets of New York are his to protect, not only with his webs, but also his quick wit and .. rather terrible humor.

IC Events


  • Spider Physiology: Thanks to a bite from an irraidated Achaearanea tepidariorum (or the common house spider), Peter Parker was given many great powers that have changed his life for better and worse in the few short years he's had them. It's not something he would call a 'curse' per-say, but it is something that has altered his life in many ways. He is capable of lifting up to 10 tons of weight, while he has to hold back his punches and kicks or they could kill a normal person. Using his legs with his strength, he can easily leap several dozen feet into the air. He has an inherient speed of about 40 miles per hour on foot, though he perfers to travel via web-line. He is able to handle severe stresses that the normal human body would crumple beneath, including being able to hold his breath for eight minutes, and rarely ended up fully fatigued. He's as limber as a peak Olympic gymanist, twice as flexible as a normal human, and has a durability that allows him to survive being hit by a car or taking a super power punched. When wounded, his body regenerates at an accelerated rate, allowing his wounds to knit quickly - in fact, one of the first affects of the spider bite was that his poor eyesight was cured. Usually, he can heal minor wounds within a few hours - deeper and more life-threatening wounds will take days to heal. He can be killed if hit in the major organs (heart and brain), but losing a lung or a liver will knock him out of action for several days, usually up to a week while he coalesces. His limbs can be taken, and they will not grow back, so he takes exceptional care so not to get majorly wounded. He is resistant (not immune) to most toxins, the same abilities that heal him quickly also allowing him to recover from assault from drugs or chemicals.
  • Spider-Sense: He has an advanced reaction system - a sixth sense that warns him of impending danger and the reflexes that allow him to adjust on the fly and quickly avoid attacks that are aimed at him, or protect others from dangers that are inbound. This sense can be ignored, and is less useful when he is wounded or fatigued.
  • Wall-Crawling: To put it simply, Peter is able to defy the laws of physics to climb walls, leap great distances, and cling to objects upside down. There are some things, such as ultra-smooth and super slick surfaces that he cannot cling to. With his center of gravity always able to be shifted, he's very hard to knock down for any length of time, becuase of a constantly adapting equilibrium that allows him to stand on the smallest of spaces or narrowest of beams.



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