Lucky Blue Smith
Lucky Blue Smith as Pietro Maximoff
Name: Pietro Maximoff
Birthdate: 03/20/1940
Faction: None…yet. Just his family
Codename: Quicksilver
Position: Thief/Revolutionary/Pain in the Ass Supreme (more fun than being a Sorcerer Supreme)
Hometown: Mount Wundagore, Transia
Partner(s): None Height: 5'11"
Father: Erik Lensherr Weight: 140#
Mother: Marya? Natalya? Chthon? Hair Color: Platinum
Siblings: Wanda (Scarlet Witch) his twin, Lorna (Half-sister) Eye Color: Blue
Children: None, but a score of nephews


Some people are born into this world fighting. Sometimes you're born knowing you have to.

Magic doesn't come without a cost. Life does not come without a price, often paid in blood, tears, and sweat. The Maximoff twins bear proof to these sorcerers' maxims.

They were conceived by the darkest rituals and born under fell circumstances on the slopes of Mount Wundagore. Younger by thirteen minutes, Wanda's entry to the world ushered their mother into death. The twins were kept and experimented on with fel magic by Chthon's mortal cult while the Second World War raged across Europe. The cult's second-in-command grew disillusioned with the main priest and defected, taking the twins with him on a decade-long flight through fallen eastern nations and smoking battlefields.

The twins grew up teething on countless revolutions. The Forest Brothers in the Baltic States. The Poznan students in Poland. The bloody uprising in Budapest, Hungary of 1956. Tibet's revolt against China in 1958. Berlin in 1961 behind the rising wall. His sister, chaos, and war were his only constant companions.

Often without a home and continuously on the run Pietro learned to fight, hunt, steal, and thrive on nothing in the wilderness. Their adoptive father's lessons were vicious and brutal, focused on their survival, and also how to keep his sister alive, at the expense of trust. He had to sit by and watch his twin sister's spirit and will be crushed more times than corn meal. While he understood logically this was necessary he grew a deep resentment for them. Their 'father' taught him to separate himself and their work from his feelings at too early an age and he never really did get them back. He did learn to trust no one and take what you can, when you can; skills, food, money, clothes, shelter.

Dark, dread forces allied against the Maximoff twins flushed them from every bolthole, depriving them of shelter, security, and eventually every line of defense except wits and natural or augmented gifts. They lost their adoptive father in 1956, and Yaga - Wanda's mentor — by 1960, in the pursuit of secrets buried in snow-swept monasteries and hidden Nazi archives.

The Berlin Wall trapped Wanda and Pietro in Germany for nearly two years as they ruthlessly pursued the truth of their existence from surviving officers and Communist bureaucrats. But eventually threats closed in on them, and Chthon came calling in America. Sometimes you can't outrun the past. They bolted with the assistance of a SHIELD agent and reached New York by way of several intervening stops, penniless, nameless, and hunting ghosts.

Wanda found a place and settled down. He still sees this as all very temporary keeping them prepared to cut and run as they always do. When she chose to stay in 1963 he took off again for a while. He can't stand still, and domestication has not sat well with him.

IC Events

As of Jan 18 1965 Pietro has a new player. Feel free to page about any prior connections he may have had. Caveat: Just because he's a brazen jerk IC doesn't mean the character and player share temperament. Please feel free to reach out and page with questions and ideas. Thank you!


  • Built for Speed: Pietro's body has adapted to the highly accelerated state he is always in. This allows him to 'soak' things like punches, etc. by subtly moving out of the way of the impact or withit at such a rate as to avoid damage. The same goes for using breakfall techniques though falling from great heights will obviously still leave an impact on him. It is much harder to dodge the earth as a whole. He has build up a very high stamina allowing him to ignore small particles from harming him at high speeds as well and can even phase out' for no more than a second or two at a time to help him avoid damage and sometimes 'jink' into impossible places.
  • Mental Conditioning: While he is not a telepath, and certainly not immune, Pietro has grown up learning to discipline his mind against intrusion. He's also a difficult read due to the sheer speeds at which his brain is processing information. He's left more than one telepath reading his mind with a nosebleed and a headache.
  • Speed of Thought: Pietro's world moves insanely fast. This has the side-effect of leaving him with a genius intelligence, and problem solving. While he can move at increased rates his brain also processes things at an insane rate not only giving him the ability to react, process, assess, and implement snap decisions at top speed.
  • Speedster: Pietro's speed is constantly increasing. Presently he can move at Mach 5 and sustain his speed for around five minutes continuously before exhausting himself. Along with a flat out run his reflexes always react at this speed with no effort though a constant barrage sustained over time will start to wear him down as well. He has run fast enough to skim over the surface of water to effectively run on it. While moving at higher speeds he is able to perform a multitude of menial tasks in a second, up to and including, moving 20 people clear of an explosion before it finishes detonating.



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