Barbara Palvin
Barbara Palvin as Scarlett
Name: Scarlett
Birthdate: ??
Faction: Asgardians/Avengers/Inhumans/X-Men
Codename: Rogue
Position: Bohemian Rhapsodist
Hometown: Near Vicksburg, Mississippi
Partner(s): Ask Verdandi. Height: 5'9"
Father: Ask Urd. Weight: 120 lbs
Mother: Ask Skuld. Hair Color: Auburn, white streak
Siblings: Ask Odin. Eye Color: Green
Children: Ha!



Je fais souvent ce rêve étrange et pénétrant
D’une femme inconnue, et que j’aime, et qui m’aime,
Et qui n’est, chaque fois, ni tout à fait la même
Ni tout à fait une autre, et m’aime et me comprend.

Car elle me comprend, et mon cœur, transparent
Pour elle seule, hélas! cesse d’être un problème
Pour elle seule, et les moiteurs de mon front blême,
Elle seule les sait rafraîchir, en pleurant.


Are you curious about my current ongoing plots or historical activities? Yes, I run a lot.

  • Project Scorpio: The Vietnam War isn't stopping. Goddamnit, the connection to the Skrull is worse than anyone ever thought. Except the Kree. This plot is the overarching story behind Starfall plot.
  • Court of Nevers: Once a decade, Queen of Nevers hosts a tournament in honour of a kindness performed for her by a human. Her champions share a story and her stage allows limitless possibilities for might-have-beens or could-bes.
  • Project Gemini: Now they're stealing souls? Nazi experiments never stopped with the Third Reich.
  • Project Leo: Armed with influential allies and terrifying ancient artifacts, a power-hungry sorceress intends to unleash her dominion over the world. Earthly heroes assumed alternate identities as the Knights of Caerleon in Something Wicked and defeated her. Now the world needs fresh champions again. Thwarted once, she will not fail again. Dabble in high society and the darkest dregs of history to save the world. And mind your frockcoats!
  • Project Virgo: SHIELD extracted a senior agent and several Soviet soldiers from North Vietnam as part of the Gulf of Tonkin incident. They've been trying to rehabilitate them ever since. Naturally that's not going to go as well as planned, if Hydra has anything to say about it.



Who hath given, who hath sold it thee,
Knowledge of me?
Has the wilderness told it thee?
Hast thou learnt of the sea?
Hast thou communed in spirit with night? have the winds taken counsel with thee?

Have I set such a star
To show light on thy brow
That thou sawest from afar
What I show to thee now?
Have ye spoken as brethren together, the sun and the mountains and thou?



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