Tatyana Maslany
Tatyana Maslany as Sadie Persephone Hadley
Name: Sadie Persephone Hadley
Birthdate: 08/06/1945
Faction: Mystics and Mages
Codename: Persephone
Position: Mistress Death
Hometown: New York
Partner(s): NA Height: 5'5"
Father: God Weight: J'accuse!
Mother: God Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Eternity, Infinity, others Eye Color: Ultraviolet
Children: Everyone living


The day Enola Gay dropped the A-Bomb on Hiroshima, Sadie Hadley came into the world. Her parents teased that the bomb and her birth cry transpired together. Her life with her happy and loving family ended abruptly on October 30, 1961, the day the Tsar Bomba dropped, in a tragic car accident in Valhalla, New York. Everyone died in the wreckage.

Once a century, Death takes on mortal form to experience the joy, tragedy, and visceral pleasure of living. She chose Sadie at the moment of death, and incarnated as a human for Hallowe'en. All the girl's memories and knowledge became hers. Sadie is/was Sadie, but more. She went forth for a day and ran afoul of death cultists harbouring a strong desire for immortality and revenge. They captured her and ritually imprisoned Sadie by a curse preventing the soul-fragment from returning back to Death. They hoped — that they might stop death or bargain for immortality. She didn't die or pass on.

For two years she was held imprisoned, hidden from sight by powerful wards. It was a lonely and unremarkable time. Her main consolation came through art as her captors gave her supplies to occupy herself with. Her release pleased her. Then, for reasons unclear, the captors never came.

The building burnt down, and the New York Fire Department pulled out a very cheerful young lady from the debris. Stricken from the missing persons' list, Sadie slipped back into society with plenty of help from churches and friendship societies. She volunteered all over the city and fell in love with Soho. Behind her smiling face is a very old presence, determined to live every extra day to the fullest, and /learn/. After all, no one understands the flip side of the coin better.


  • Avatar: Sadie is an avatar of Death. She holds a variety of powers associated with her office. She's ageless and will not age past 25 by any means. Her durability, dexterity, and strength are greatly enhanced. She can lift about 25 tons and her density allows her to shrug off great impacts or minimize physical damage. She can survive extreme environmental conditions, and even take a bullet with limited damage. Her dexterity and speed are well beyond human norms, and would outpace any Olympian athlete twice over. She has a moderately improved healing factor that allows her to recover from wounds in two-thirds the time a human would. Fatal wounds or dismemberment corrects itself roughly over three nights. She understands all languages and communicates with people in their own tongue.
  • Death Sense: Essential to her role, she senses the dead, the unquiet, resurrected, and those marked for death. Unquiet dead like vampires and zombies feel great discomfort in proximity to her, even if they can't pinpoint her. Her physical touch causes them great pain and destroys lesser undead by banishing their spirits to the underworld. At least a firm hold lasting a few seconds is required. Ghosts hear her and see her as an intensely vibrant figure. She can interact with incorporeal entities as though they were physical. When a person is close to death, the mark of her ankh lies heavily over them. With a touch, she may view their last moments. She may communicate with a departed person before they pass on. She can forestall their death by refusing to allow them passage — at personal pain from her bindings — and potentially at risk of a death god or Death interceding. If the latter happens, no more Sadie.
  • Morphic Visage: Sadie can change her appearance to match any sentient race, regardless of gender or age. This physical shape-shifting allows her to assume a guise completely.
  • Behold the Endless: Death is there at the beginning and the end. She never forgets. Her postcognition functions in two ways. She taps into the past of a place or any living individual as a conduit of visions, memories, and emotions. Visionary snippets are common when she establishes emotional bonds. Her conscious effort to bring on postcognition usually requires proximity to the target, like being in the place, or perceiving or knowing a person. Close ties expand this. The second form allows her to share or display a postcognitive vision. Her aura manifests the vision, complete with sound and occasionally scents.



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