Paul Newman
Paul Newman as Scott Summers
Name: Scott Summers
Birthdate: 05/26/1939
Faction: X-Men
Codename: Cyclops
Position: Field Commander/Tactician
Hometown: Westchester, New York
Partner(s): Single Height: 6'4"
Father: Christopher Summers Weight: 215 lbs
Mother: Katherine Summers Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Alex Summers Eye Color: Red
Children: None (to his knowledge)


Scott Summers grew up the son of a pilot, his father having flown numerous missions in WWII and being his hero in many ways. During a plane flight when he was ten years old, a strange incident lead to the family coming under attack. Scott's parents pushed Scott and his brother out, trying to save them. Even with a parachute, though, the rough landing lead Scott to crack his skull and spend a long time in a hospital. He awoke an orphan, separated from his brother and with his memories fractured.

Scott doesn't remember his time in the orphanage well - it's largely a series of nightmares and foggy memories of being bullied and abused. That bullying eventually lead to his powers manifesting for the first time in a violent fashion, until he was rescued by a young intellectual and fellow mutant named Charles Xavier. Scott became one of Xavier's first students and disciples, finishing his education at the man's side and, from him, learning about the existence of ruby quartz and its ability to help him contain his powers.

Upon reaching adulthood, Scott eventually pursued his own life, training as a pilot and working in that field, as well as adventuring around the world in a variety of capacities. Recent troubles among mutantkind, however, have drawn him back to the Institute and to the X-men.

IC Events


  • Optic Blasts: Cyclops absorbs and converts ambient solar energy to create powerful energy blasts projected through his eyes. These blasts have a powerful concussive capability, strong enough to pulverize a family sedan, blow a brick wall to pieces and stun even highly invulnerable superhumans. Based in light as they are, his energies can be reflected and directed by highly polished or reflective surfaces, provided he modulates their power level to the proper frequency. His energies have a range of his line of sight, up to about a hundred yards. He can reabsorb his own blasts harmlessly. Due to brain damage suffered in his childhood, his energy blasts cannot be controlled consciously and require ruby-quartz visors or glasses to keep them under control.



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