Stephanie Brown
Britt Robertson
Britt Robertson as Stephanie Brown
Name: Stephanie Brown
Birthdate: 11/03/1945
Faction: None
Codename: L'Aubergine (for now)
Position: Student/Vindictive Daughter
Hometown: Queens
Partner(s): NA Height: 5'5"
Father: Arthur "The SOB" Brown Weight: 129 lbs
Mother: Crystal "The Addict" Brown Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: NA Eye Color: Blue
Children: Emily (adopted, living in Connecticut)


Stephanie was born in the fall of 1945. Her family was poor. Her mother was a nurse and her father… well, her father was a villain. And Stephanie grew up among villains — her father's cronies who were always coming over for beer and to discuss the next 'job.' Her dad told her to call them her uncles. The uncles liked Stephanie — she was a cute little blonde girl who had no problem kicking them in the shins if she was mad at them. They laughed at this, and showed her how to kick harder. They taught her a lot of things.

In her teens, Steph was a popular girl at school. She was very smart, but she was also very pretty. Boys liked her, and one boy in particular… well, she let him do things she regretted later, and when she found out she was pregnant, he was out of there. She didn't let her mother or father find out. She wore loose clothes for months, had the baby as a Jane Doe, and turned it over for adoption. The girl's name is Emily now and she lives in a nice suburb in Connecticut.

But after the birth of her child, Stephanie began to realize that things were bad. That the people around her were bad. She might have been smart, but up until her pregnancy she had managed to ignore the genuine evil around her. Afterwards, she started asking the villains who surrounded her about their skills. Stealth, lockpicking, perception, fixing things. She could use these skills.

Now she's leaving home, but she's taking those skills with her. She's going to put on a costume of her own and stop the very people who trained her.

If only she could figure out what to call herself.

IC Events


  • No Powers for You: Yeah, normal human here.



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