Doctor Strange
Benedict Cumberbatch
Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Stephen Strange
Name: Dr. Stephen Strange
Birthdate: 11/08/1925 (39)
Faction: Mystics / Superhero Team
Codename: Dr. Strange
Position: Sorcerer Supreme
Hometown: New York, New York
Partner(s): Wanda Maximoff Height: 6' 2"
Father: Eugene Strange (deceased) Weight: 180 lbs (82 kg)
Mother: Beverly Strange (deceased) Hair Color: Black (silvered around temples)
Siblings: Donna Strange (deceased), Victor Strange (deceased) Eye Color: Grey-blue
Children: Billy ('Dimples') and Tommy (TBD). Technically Vic ('Serendipity').


His birth in 1925, occurring during his parent's vacation to Pennsylvania, seemed to set his life's standard as "unpredictable". His younger sister was born two years later and his youngest brother born seven years after this. Strange, as the oldest, felt a sense of protective duty to his siblings. His interest in medicine began at the age of 11 after he helped his sister through a minor injury, though it meant nothing when, during a summer vacation at home from pre-medical school, a 19 year-old Strange was unable to save Donna from drowning. Thus began his downward spiral of disillusion towards his medical career.

After earning his medical degree from Columbia University and completing a five-year residency at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Strange became quite egotistical in his rapid successes. The loss of his mother during this time continued to fuel his growing disappointment in himself. By the age of 28, he was hailed as a world-class neurosurgeon with all of the wealth the job brings in. His materialism, combined with his ego, led Strange to value the price of each surgery over the mantra of "doing no harm" and saving lives. Any romance he had during this time was quickly terminated due to his hubris. The loss of his father and his inability to be present during the man's dying brought him into conflict with his younger brother. Their relationship ended in a fight and Victor's death when he ran into the street. Strange, unable to process the loss of his final family member, became even more withdrawn from society.

Around three years after the death of his brother, Strange was involved in a car accident that left his hands permanently scarred and with severe nerve damage that resulted in constant shivering. This ended his illustrious career as a neurosurgeon. After becoming near-penniless through his ineffective search for a cure to the trembling, he bought a last ticket to Nepal, home of the Ancient One. While the Ancient One had mystical sorcery beyond comprehension, there was no offer of a cure, but instead an offer to Strange to be trained in the Mystic Arts. After coming into confrontation with the Ancient One's apprentice, Mordo, Strange accepted the offer and became pupil to the Ancient One.

It took Strange many years to learn of the Mystic Arts, to gain access his instinctive use of such powers, and to acquire knowledge of the interdimensional deities of the universes, such as the Vishanti. After a contest verses Death itself, Strange earned his immortality and the title of "Sorcerer Supreme". He traveled back to New York, where he now resides in his manor, the "Sanctum Sanctorum", in Greenwich Village.

IC Events


} Took on Illyana Rasputina as apprentice per edict by Vishanti (previous Illy-writer, plot arc ended)
} Met Loki Odinson, established status of colleague/comrade in arms (previous Loki-writer, plot arc ended)
} Met Amora Incantare, established status of 'annoyingly stubborn plaything' (ongoing)
} Established friendship/pseudo-apprenticeship with Scarlett (ongoing)
} Visited Asgard after Illyana cut through the veils between worlds, established reluctant position of Mystical Midgardian diplomat to Asgard (status ongoing)
} Met/befriended Thor Odinson, agreed to accompany the Prince before Odin and speak in his favor (previous Thor-writer, plot arc ended)
} Established friendship with Hrimari Fenrisson, Prince of Wolves (retired character)
} Led the fight against the Hellmouth (Chthon) and its effects on reality (ran through Sept-Oct 1963, plot arc ended)
} Aided Marcus (Sigil) with his elemental magics (retired character)
} Visited Asgardian Court, petitioned for leniency for Illyana, gained what he wanted (plot arc ended)
} Met/befriended Merlin of Ruta, old wizard allowed to stay in the Sanctum as additional guardian (retired character)
} Offered what help he could to Amora Incantare with her lost heart (plot arc ended)
} Reestablished wary connections to Baron Karl Mordo (retired character)
} Met Lynette, aided as he could (retired character)
} Approached by Peggy Carter to ensure aid in removing Hellmouth (currently retired character)
} Met Wanda Maximoff, established partnership in demon-hunting that grew into love after discovering a soul-bond (ongoing)
} Met/befriended the Asgardian Liv, informed of vampire presence in Hell's Kitchen (retired character, plot arc ended)
} Met demoness Jillian, established tenuous agreement to keep demons at bay in Central Park (retired character)
} Met/befriended Lady Sif (currently retired character)
} Bitten by Bride of Dracula, laid low by venom; attempted to kill Wanda under compulsion, saved by combined personal efforts with Raphael Duke (retired character, plot arc ended)

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  • Mystic Arts: Through years of study under the Ancient One, Strange has developed knowledge and control of the Mystic Arts, earning him the title of "Sorcerer Supreme" of Earth. He funnels the powers via various interdimensional deities, primarily the Vishanti (three godly entities, one being the creator of his Eye of Agamotto).
        • Strange's powers share comparable strength with the deity he invokes in order to cast them. The stronger the deity, the more strength in the spellcasting.
        • He would rather not use Black Magic in any form, but will use it along with Chaos Magic in times of most dire need.
  • Time Halt: Strange is able to call upon the powers of the Vishanti through his relic, the Eye of Agamotto, in conjuction with a specific set of gestures in order to freeze time. It does not last long and draws huge amounts of willpower from Strange in order to sustain it. Such is the focus required that Strange can interact with very little within his environment beyond moving around; it is incredibly difficult (if nigh impossible) to cast another spell within the confines of the effects (must roll a 95+ on a d100). He can release other beings from the spell's hold and they can interact within the sphere of nulled time as if untouched by it.
  • The Words: Strange has trained in the knowledge of using words to distort reality, where the process of combining symbols (one word with another) gives the speaker differing abilities.
        • Energy Bolts: A magical bolt with properties depending on Strange's needs.
        • Pyrokinesis and Cryokinesis: The ability to create fire or ice from manipulating the energy in the air around the caster.
        • Paralysis: Strange can temporarily incapacitate another being by flooding their body with Mystic energy, similar to a tasering.
        • Organic Disintegration: An uncommonly-used Power, the target is taken apart on an atomic level by Mystic energy.
  • Immortality: By defeating Death in a contest, Strange has attained a form of immortality. He cannot age nor can be killed by human disease. However, it does not spare him from the effects of exhaustion, thirst, malnutrition, or sleep deprivation. He can also die from being overwhelmed by physical wounds, though he remains difficult to kill.
  • Protective Shielding: Mystic energy kinetic shields cast between Strange and the enemy. They can dispel most magic and energy, but moderately-powerful physical attacks can break through and the shielding has no resistance verses psychic attacks.
  • Illusions: He can project images that don't exist in an attempt to distract an enemy so he can attack or flee (in rare cases).
  • Universal Awareness: Strange gains the ability to detect incoming dangers to the Earth and his dimensions, but only through the process of meditation. Without it, he is no more sensitive than the standard human (though his Mystic Arts do give him a heightened general sense of the wellbeing of the world).
  • Astral Projection: Through much practice, Strange has gained the ability to separate himself from his physical body during periods of meditation. His Astral form has none of his body's needs and can travel with impunity to things such as physics; highly-powerful Mystic attacks can affect his Astral form. There is a time limit of 24 hours of separation before he begins suffering adverse effects.
  • Dimensional Travel: By casting spells and conjuring rifts between the dimensions, Strange can travel to them in order to complete various tasks.
  • Telekinesis: He has the ability to move objects using Mystic magic.
  • Conjuration of Objects: In the past, Strange has collected large sums of money in order to pay debts and remain comfortable in his current state of affairs.



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