Andrej Pejic
Andrej Pejic as Suriel
Name: Suriel
Birthdate: He says it's on April Fool's.
Faction: Unaffiliated
Codename: Suriel
Position: Itinerant Folk/Blues Singer, Medic, Counselor, Fallen Angel. Former: Prince of the Dawn, Angel of Death
Hometown: Heaven
Partner(s): None Height: 6'0
Father: God Weight: 125 lbs
Mother: God Hair Color: White-blond
Siblings: Lucifer, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, etc. Eye Color: Ice blue
Children: None


Suriel, as an archangel of healing, wisdom, and death, served God for aeons. Mentor to prophets, teacher of humanity in matters of health and hygiene, he was also one of those charged with ferrying the dead to Heaven and Hell.

Though he usually opted to stay out of conflicts that caused other angels to Fall from grace, he still healed any combatants who came to him— in the case of the rebels, on the sly. Nonetheless, while he didn't treat fallen angels cruelly or with disdain, he didn't fully understand why they rebelled.

He saw Hell as a necessary evil, and sympathised with those bound to work there. He never imagined that he, himself, would live anywhere other than in Heaven.

IC Events


  • Angelic traits: No need to eat/sleep except when worn out; immune to disease. Omniglot: As a former guide for the human dead, he can speak and read any human language.
  • Soothing Song: He can target people by vocal emanation to heal. This usually means a song, but could also reflect prayer or inspirational talk. His healing can affect emotional trauma directly as long as the person can hear him. He can accelerate natural healing abilities, but he cannot bring someone back from the dead. Injuries heal at up to four times their natural rate.
  • Level Headed: Powers that would make Suriel suffer extreme emotions have blunted effects. A power that would cause him to become incandescently angry instead makes him merely mad. Cannot get drunk, can only get a mild buzz.
  • Choirboy: He can play any stringed instrument (guitar, violin, bass, etc) and has, well, the voice of an angel. Plays a mean trumpet as well, but usually refuses to.
  • Flight: He's an angel, and thus can manifest his wings and fly, up to 200 mph.



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