Doug Jones
Doug Jones as Triton Mander-Azur
Name: Triton Mander-Azur
Birthdate: 11/12/1929
Faction: Inhumans/Atlantians
Codename: Triton
Position: Royal Family/Scout/Spy
Hometown: Attilan
Partner(s): NA Height: 6'1"
Father: Mander (deceased) Weight: 158#
Mother: Azur (deceased) Hair Color: None
Siblings: Karnak (Sister) Eye Color: Black
Children: NA


Growing up a member of the Royal Family can be hard. It's harder when you're an Inhuman, and it's even harder when you are accidentally exposed to the terrigen mists at the age of 1 and it leaves you flailing like a flounder. No really, the infant Inhuman sprouted gills and almost died from lack of water coming out of terrogenesys and grew up in a tub, then a small pond, and eventually larger bodies of water. Due to this tragic occurrence his parents pleased and refused to have his younger sibling go through such a fate or worse.

When Attilan moved to the mountains life became increasingly difficult. His cousin fashioned for him an apparatus which over time evolved as he grew trying new things. This helped him stay out of water long enough to train with the Royal Guard and he did quite well. He was able to make his natural adaptations work for him and started serving his people as a very successful spy, scout, and diplomat.

In the last ten years during the exile Triton was excused from the wrath of the previous establishment and went as far as to maintain connections between the family on Attilan and those that were exiled forming rebellion, including his younger sibling.

Sometimes he gets very tired of trying to hold his family together. It's like wrangling catfish.

IC Events (Most recent first)

  • waits
  • Was beset upon by Crystal and Lockjaw in his cell on the Kree ship. Starts to trade information with Centurion, Sun-yu.
  • Negotiated a 24 hour stay of execution from Hala on Kree ship while the Kree called investigate who called them and why there were Kree on Terra uninvited.
  • Went with most of the Royal Family to Ring of Brogar to teleport to Akkad site in Babylon where they were attacked by Kree and teleported by something onto the Kree ship in orbit.
  • Accompanied Black Bolt to break back into the Tower of Wisdom to discover Kree code hacking the Core.
  • Sent Corvus & Nick back to check on the terracotta soldiers found at Penglai
  • Maximus took a gift from Karnak and put it in a trap box and sank it in Triton's room in Attilan. This was his way of saying 'thank you'. The fish opts somehow not to drown him.
  • Went with Crystal and Maximus to hide the 'Hammer' from Penglai offsite, and moved it later.
  • Led group to large underwater 'way station' left by the Kree called 'Penglai'
  • Returned to Attilan with news about Penglai in the S. China Sea off Vietnam Coast
  • Spent 2 years isolated and investigating Pacific & South China Sea on assignment from Maximus.


  • Inhuman: Triton is, like all Inhumans, superior in agility, resilience, endurance, and speed to any human, also enjoying a prolonged lifespan. His strength is superior to most Inhumans, as he can lift nearly 2 tons.
  • Rapid Healing: Triton's body will start trying to repair itself, similar to a starfish, very quickly.He can heal superficial wounds in minutes, and critical wounds in only a few days. He must have the wound submerged for this to happen.
  • Scaled Skin: Aside from being able to walk off blunt force trauma that could kill an average human Triton's scaled skin offers other defenses as well. Nanoscale crystal structures, like those found in octopi and cuttlefish, allow Triton to colour adapt and blend with his surroundings making him very hard to see.
  • Sub-Mariner: Native to living underwater (fresh, salt, brackish, arctic) he can adapt to freezing temperatures, and survive breathing underwater indefinitely from various gills. Finned and webbed appendages allow him to move and react even faster in water than on land.
  • Superior Senses: Triton's five senses are 2x that of a normal human. He can also see in the green spectrum in dark places to help him navigate.



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