Audrey Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn as Vesper Mézières
Name: Vesper Mézières
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: Inhumans
Codename: Chiaroscuro
Position: Biogeneticist
Hometown: Paris, France
Partner(s): None Height: 176 cm.
Father: Aven the Creator Weight: 56 kg.
Mother: Cynas the Councilor Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Aurvandil, Nexus Eye Color: Brown
Children: None


This is the story she knows. Vesper Mezieres was like any other French schoolgirl, enchanted by Alphonse Mucha, stargazing, and stories about Versailles. Her fragile constitution confined her to bed or quiet time, the after-effects of a terrible childhood car accident in the Juras she doesn't remember. Thus, she attended one of the country's best boarding schools outside Paris where the air was cleaner and pace of life gentler. Her imagination sparked early with school trips to the Paris Observatory and the Pantheon. A love for astronomy was born, and strongly discouraged by well-meaning teachers (not ladylike!) who redirected her interest to math and other sciences. Not to be diverted by ballet or singing, she pined for the stars, but dutifully turned to biology and physics.

It turned out she had a head for complex topics. Found reading university-level journals about X-ray crystallography, her teachers put her in contact with professors and appropriate tutors to nurture her scientific passions after Vesper fought for the right to learn. She attained early graduation, surprising everyone by seeking and receiving a place at Cambridge rather than the Sorbonne. Despite sickness and culture shock, she took to being one of very few female students like a fish to water.

Four years of relentless study, lab work, and pushing for recognition earned her a degree, tutelage under luminaries in the field, and a small sea of research material. Vesper searched for new opportunities to prove herself, but the main offer to expand her biogenetics research came from New York University rather than the U.K. or France. Disheartened, she applied and received her work visa and embarked in 1964.


  • Inhuman Physiology: In her physical form, Vesper's strength, endurance, speed, reflexes, and durability surpass peak human condition. Prolonged exposure to an urban environment weakens her native resilience.
  • Energy Form: Vesper can completely transform her body into an energy form derived from any single frequency of electromagnetic force. Frequencies can range from low frequency radiowaves to gamma rays, depending on the wavelength. The form gains all the energy s properties while she retains her sensory, communication, and thought abilities.
  • Changing frequency requires her to focus as she shifts along the spectrum and leaves her briefly vulnerable to disruption and unable to do anything except transition. In any form, she can fly at the speed of the energy type (e.g., infrared radiation). She often casts a visible light aura that she can dampen.
  • Energy Absorption: Vesper can absorb energy without an upper limit when her energy form in the correct frequency. Analyzing the energy form may be necessary if she can't immediately recognize it. The more she absorbs, the more effective her projection. Overuse of projection depletes her reserves and requires her to recharge over time. An abundant energy source makes this a relatively speedy process, whereas scarce availability gives her little power to consume.
  • Energy Projection: Her energy form is capable of exuding a field around her or a focused projection. A hardened field can act as a shield against similar or weaker wavelengths. She shapes beams or bursts at targets in line of sight. Distance of her projections is limited by wavelength; extremely low frequency energy (e.g., microwaves) travels further with less difficulty than high frequency (e.g., gamma ray) bursts. Her energetic beams can destroy steel and concrete. Higher energy absorption potentially causes greater damage, limited greatly by her inexperience. She drains faster when separated from an abundant energy source.
  • Ghost in the Machine: In the correct wavelength, Vesper travels through grids or electronics, conceivably anything able to receive or transmit a signal. She can transmit a signal or intercept one in her energy form, provided she has sufficient time to analyse the data stream. Physical contact with the signal is necessary. She can t operate any grid or electronic she is not already familiar with, and she might accidentally damage one through overload or traveling through. Further, she may be entrapped by physical and magical barriers normally.



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