Leaders: None
Headquarters: Luke's Bar (The Cigar Factory)
Theme: The Defenders were established in the Summer of 1964 after the Harlem Riots, and other troubles, looking to take the Neighborhood Watch to a new level. As crime rises, so too must someone rise to oppose it.
Recent Activity

1964-11-28 - Hey, Kitty, Kitty (danny defenders social tchalla)

1964-11-15 - Rats in the Kitchen II (carnelian colleen danny defenders kitchen-rats plot reno robbie)

1964-10-28 - Likely Rider Business (defenders jay matt-murdock reno robbie social)

1964-10-26 - Riding With the Rider (defenders reno robbie social)

1964-10-23 - Back to Reality (defenders emily remo reno robbie social)

Black Panther
The Black Panther
Carlos Serrato
Colleen Wing
Reno Manolo Cordova
Matthew Murdock
Ghost Rider
Roberto R. Reyes
Iron Fist
Danny Rand
Luke Cage
Luke Cage

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