Leaders: None
Headquarters: Luke's Bar (The Cigar Factory)
Theme: The Defenders were established in the Summer of 1964 after the Harlem Riots, and other troubles, looking to take the Neighborhood Watch to a new level. As crime rises, so too must someone rise to oppose it.
Recent Activity

1965-03-12 - A Case of Bad Gas (danny defenders kevin-cole kitchen-patrol plot reno tchalla)

1965-02-05 - Of Heart Rippings and Hell (danny defenders gidget robbie social)

1965-01-29 - Rats in the Kitchen V (Part 2) (danny defenders kai kitchen-rats plot reno robbie tchalla)

1965-01-25 - Rats in the Kitchen V (Part 1) (danny defenders kai kitchen-rats plot reno tchalla)

1965-01-16 - Rats in the Kitchen IV (danny defenders kai kitchen-rats plot reno)

Carlos Serrato
Reno Manolo Cordova
Gerhard Alfsson

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