Rogue Cast


Children of the Volga

Name Status Details
SHIELD Holding Cell Invariably found in Kyr's company. Loyalty runs deep in Adam's nature and he acts as a stabilizing force among the pups. He sacrificed himself to protect Kyr against SHIELD and willingly remained incarcerated rather than be separated. They recognize his medical talents and nothing throws them into rage faster than someone harming Adam.
Avengers Mansion Genya's temper matches his prodigious strength, and the two are unquestionably interconnected somehow. In his SHIELD psychological profile, O Division claim trauma affects his willingness to verbalize and he demonstrates serious intellectual pursuits. His programming may be suppressed by music.
Voronezh Bucky knows precious little of the sheltered girl growing up at a special school in Voronezh Oblast. Under her tutors — notably Arnim Zola — she developed deep interest in genetics and sketching.
SHIELD Holding Cell Invariably found in Adam's company, the youngest. Kyr is the idealist among them, driven by convictions surviving torture and psychological conditioning. He is restless from a surfeit of energy, testing himself against anyone offering a challenge. He does not suffer fools or insults gladly.
Unknown The Ghost is the lone soldier never captured by SHIELD, much to their rue. Uncertainty shrouds his few confirmed appearances. Bystanders claim to see nothing, and others swear he's a hallucination.
Avengers Mansion SHIELD recovered Matvei from North Vietnam during an American air raid. He proved the calmest and least conditioned of his brethren thanks to intense psychological counselling provided by O Division. Sensitive and intelligent, he only recently acquired his freedom by Captain America's direct intervention when unknown parties masquerading as SHIELD agents attempted to abduct him.
Avengers Mansion Nika is slimmer than his counterparts and incredibly quick, demonstrating superhuman reflexes during his time under SHIELD's watch. According to the others, he was intended as Lazar's counterpart, though they are mum on what that actually entails. The O Division psychologists struggled to reconcile his hair-trigger perception sensitivity. He is something of a fan of Captain America thanks to heavy conditioning. His programming may be suppressed by music.
Avengers Mansion By far the most gentle of the pups, Orel's disposition rarely tilts to rage. He survived being gut-shot and fled a medical facility, eventually finding his way onto the streets in Hell's Kitchen. More than his brothers, he can take a beating and keep on ticking. His appetite for junk food and trashy novels is considerable.
Avengers Mansion The Hunter, as he is called, operates in utter silence. He makes next to no sounds when moving. He can tap into psychokinetic force with the force of a sledgehammer. During routine SHIELD transportation, he broke free with Lazar's assistance at the cost of six lives until subdued by Bucky. He broke out of the Triskelion in the company of Diane Ricoult, a psychologist. Volya destroyed his own Soviet programming — a feat unknown to most of the wolves.
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